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Ken is available for Private lessons and Seminars but if these are not viable options, he can communicate through several internet based methods. You can choose Ken's Jump & Spin Analysis if you would like to have Ken take a look at a move that you are having difficulty mastering. Just email a clip of the element or a link (URL address) where it can be viewed and Ken will review the clip and send you his analysis. This is the same input that you would receive if you were on the ice and in a lesson together. Another option is a Phone Chat with Ken. Just set up an appointment if you would like to have a phone consultation with Ken.

You can also listen to what Ken has to say about a variety of topics. Ken Talks are downloadable right to your music library (such as iTunes). Many skaters have these talks on their iPods and listen to them before a competition, test or training session. These talks are calming, educational and inspirational all at the same time!

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Ken's Jump & Spin Analysis

So if there's a jump or spin that you are having a difficult time with, it can be helpful to have another set of eyes take a look at it. Other times, progress is made when a skater hears a correction stated differently. Whatever the case, I pride myself on being able to
see what corrections need to take place in order for the skater to achieve success on the jump or spin element they are working on. There are many different techniques for any given jump or spin. What I will share with you is what I would do if you came to visit me in California and took a few lessons.

Just have someone video the element and either email me the clip or the link where it is posted on the internet (e.g. on youtube) or mail it to me on dvd.

I will take a look at it and send you my analysis including corrections and exercises that will help facilitate and reinforce these corrections. This is the same approach that I would use if you came to take some lessons with me in Los Angeles.

Please note that all inquiries will be kept confidential.


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Phone Chat with Ken

I am available for phone consultations if you would like to speak to me directly. Please follow the prompts to set up a call. All conversations and inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.


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Ken Talks

The information and advice presented in KenTalks is based on 37 years of experience as both a competitor and coach. How to Compete Successfully, How to Train Effectively and I want my Double Axel are just a few of the titles that are available for you to download directly into your music library.

Skaters tell me that when they listen to their favorite talk right before a competition, test or even a practice session, they feel more confident and find it easier to focus on the task at hand.

I am thrilled to share these with you. They are truly INSPIRATIONAL and I have seen the difference they make!!


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